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Sheilagh Adams
GSC Basketball Coaching Staff
Walter Bibbs
Neil Boumpani
Bruce Capers
Ed2go Career Training
Geoff Clement
Robert Detamore
Family Dive Center
Larry Graham
Scott Henderson
Laura Huggins
Annette Jackson
Joan Prisk Joan Prisk is a Henry County resident in her 22nd year as an educator. Mrs. Prisk has two degrees in mathematics education and two degrees in school counseling. She spent 11 years as a math teacher in grades 6-12 and is in her 11th year as a high school counselor. She is certified to work with regular education students and exceptional education students, having experience with both. She has provided individual tutoring to students and adults throughout this time. Additionally, she is a published author of a children's book.
GSC Professors
Lynn Rumfelt
Mary Stephenson
Yvonne Stroud
Ozier Studio of Dance