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Marlin Adams


Marlin Adams is a Professor of art at Gordon College in Barnesville, Georgia where he has taught art classes for the past twelve years. He has been featured in The Artist's Magazine, American Artist Magazine and in American Artist's "Oil Highlights Collectors Series." He has been a winner in "The Artist's Magazine" portrait competition and a finalist in the categories of landscape, still life, and portraiture. He was also a finalist in the 2005 Art Renewal Center International Competition in the area of still life.

Marlin's work hangs in museum collections and private collections throughout the country. He is represented by the Altermann & Morris Galleries in Dallas, Houston, Santa Fe, and Hilton Head and Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio. He is listed in four comprehensive reference books on American art: The Bluebook of American Art, Davenport's Art Reference, The Red Book and Ask Art.com.

Adams is a graduate of Brigham Young University and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree. He has been a full time painter for a portion of his career and has combined painting and teaching for the past 21 years.

Marlin paints portraits and still lifes from life in his studio office or in the classroom studio. He often works alongside his students, believing that direct observation of the artist painting from life is the fastest way to learn.

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Jenny Dawn

Jenny Dawn is the chef and owner of Humble Pie Catering, and is the owner of The Rumble Seat Inn Bed & Breakfast. She has studied abroad at numerous international locations in France, Russia and Italy, and more specially, at Le Cordon Bleu French Cooking Schools in Ottawa, Canada and London England. Now, each year in the spring and fall, she conducts cooking classes in England and Ireland for a week's stay in a castle and sightseeing tours, teaching each night a different country's cuisine.

In the states, she has worked for Tyler Perry Studios with preparing the food scenes in several of his movies. In addition, she has cooked for Turner Studios in Atlanta, and just last year, she worked for HGTV and National Geographic. She recently returned from living abroad in Ireland for a year while working on a cookbook. Jenny says she is happy to be living back in the South where the Southern hospitality is like nowhere else in the world and the food is worth coming home to.

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Dr. Andy Osborne
Joan Prisk Joan Prisk is a Henry County resident in her 22nd year as an educator. Mrs. Prisk has two degrees in mathematics education and two degrees in school counseling. She spent 11 years as a math teacher in grades 6-12 and is in her 11th year as a high school counselor. She is certified to work with regular education students and exceptional education students, having experience with both. She has provided individual tutoring to students and adults throughout this time. Additionally, she is a published author of a children's book.
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